We have created a website for our 2013 Annual Report. It includes all the same great information as before, but now in an electronic format. Visit the website »

We are very excited to announce that we are joining together with Ocular Systems Inc. to achieve our shared goal of eliminating corneal blindness in the United States and around the globe. See more »

Sarah, a cornea donor, had always been a very giving person. So it is very fitting that even after her death, she is still giving today. See more »

Durga’s infectious smile and twinkling eyes offer a glimpse into the spirit of this sweet young man. It’s hard to imagine that not long ago, his life was filled with darkness. See more »

What do you say to someone when the death of their loved one allowed the restoration of your sight? See more »

There was a time when Thangapandi and his wife contemplated suicide. The shame of living with blindness was too much to bear. See more »

When a doctor finally diagnosed Miguel with keratoconus, he also told him that eventually the disease would cost him his sight. Miguel began preparing himself for a future of blindness. Already, his vision was blurred. It was only a matter of time before it faded altogether. See more »

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SightLife is the only non-profit global health organization solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the U.S. and around the world.

SightLife works in partnership with surgeons and health organizations in more than 29 countries. Along with our global eye bank partners we provided nearly 17,000 corneas for transplant in 2013.

That’s 17,000 lives changed for the better.

But there are over 10 million people with corneal blindness still waiting to have their sight restored. With your help, we can help them see the world through new eyes.

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Lives Changed

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